We create immersive mobile gaming experience.

We are a team of talented people making games for Android and iOS.


Founded in 2023, Kipoo Games Inc., a Delaware, United States registered corporation is a video game developer and publisher based in Nepal and US. We specialize in creating mobile games for players around the world to fulfill their gaming experiences and desires. Our team is focused on bringing new ideas to games and building relationships with users. Kipoo Games brings you a world of incredible and unforgettable adventures within your reach.


Unlock Nepal’s potential in the world by taking the company to newer heights in global video gaming industry.


Our mission is to develop high-quality engaging mobile games providing breathtaking in-game experience for players around the world.

Why was Kipoo Games Started?

Kipoo Games was started seeking an opportunity in the global gaming market to showcase our country’s unique culture combined with global community. Kipoo Games aims to contribute for Nepal's growth and prosperity by creating job opportunities and inspiring youths to realize their dreams.

What we do

Mobile gaming has become more popular in recent years and more and more people are turning to their smartphones for entertainment. As a result, demand for high-quality mobile games with engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and unique stories is growing. Kipoo Games is committed to providing players with this experience while maintaining authenticity and integrity, and to capitalizing on the lucrative mobile gaming market.

Mobile Games

Our company is dedicated to the development, publishing, and maintenance of engaging and innovative mobile games.

  • With a strong focus on creativity, cutting-edge technology, and user-centric design, we aim to provide captivating gaming experiences to players worldwide.
  • Our passion for crafting top-quality games drives us to continually explore new concepts, push the boundaries of gameplay, and deliver entertainment that resonates with diverse audiences.
  • Through our commitment to excellence, we aspire to make a positive impact on the gaming industry and contribute to the joy and excitement of players across the globe.

Research on Artificial Intelligence

Our AI Research Wing is a dynamic and visionary division within our company that is dedicated to the exploration and implementation of artificial intelligence technologies in the realm of gaming.

With a team of talented AI experts and researchers, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of AI's potential to enhance player experiences, create immersive virtual worlds, and revolutionize gameplay mechanics. We are excited to harness the power of AI to create games that are more intelligent, engaging, and interactive, setting new standards in the gaming industry and captivating players with unprecedented experience.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)

We're re-defining the landscape of entertainment through the power of MMORPGs.

  • At the heart of our endeavor lies the creation of immersive digital realms that transcend boundaries and unlock new dimensions of gameplay. MMORPGs are known for their social interactions and player-driven economies. Players can form alliances, join guilds, and participate in various in-game activities together. The games have intricate systems for trading, resource gathering, and crafting, allowing players to collaborate and contribute to the growth of the virtual world. They receive regular updates and expansions to introduce new content, features, and challenges to keep players engaged over time.

Customer Support

Delivering top-notch customer support, we prioritize player satisfaction through personalized assistance and swift responses.

Our customer support is dedicated to providing exceptional assistance, ensuring players have seamless and enjoyable experiences. With swift response times and personalized solutions, we prioritize our players' needs and satisfaction at every step.

Our Values

Our company's values embody innovation, collaboration, and player-centricity, driving us to create immersive gaming experiences that inspire and connect players worldwide.



We focus on innovation, originality, and artistic expression in our game development.



We are dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of players, as well as fostering a positive and engaging player experience.



We focus on the culture of collaboration, respect, and communication among team members and with external partners.



We are committed to open and honest communication with stakeholders, including players, investors, and employees.



We are in continuous pursuit of new and improved technologies, design techniques, and business models to drive growth and competitiveness.


Strong work ethics

We have a commitment to ethical business practices, including fair treatment of employees, respect for intellectual property, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


Are you eager to create a tangible influence in the rapidly evolving gaming landscape?

We're searching for individuals who are motivated, open to new ideas, and thrive in collaborative environment.

Join us on our journey of growth as we strive to reach our ambitious aspirations.

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Decent Salary

At our startup, we prioritize our team members and provide competitive compensation for all positions, despite our early-stage status.


Recognizing the challenges of startups, we believe in aligning our team's interests. Joining us as an early member means you'll be rewarded with substantial equity in our rapidly expanding venture.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Our commitment to fostering an inclusive atmosphere for every team member is unwavering. We take pride in being an equal opportunity employer, embracing diversity at every level of our organization.

Yearly Team Retreats

We organize team retreats multiple times a year in incredible destinations. These retreats not only foster in-person connections and collaboration but also strengthen the unity and companionship within our team.